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Tactical Search


Tactical Medical Response Team

Tactical Medical Response Team (TMRT) can be fully integrated into the existing SWAT team. Members are all cross-certified as Reserve Police Officers and Tactically trained for inner perimeter and entry cell operations.

Additionally, this multi-disciplinary Team serves as airborne water and rough terrain rescue Team. Our mission is to locate, access, rescue, and evacuate victims that would not be readily accessible by normal means. This is done while performing premier ALS treatment. Toward that end, they receive certification and recurrent training as, Fire Rescue, Police, SWAT, Paramedics, Divers, Rescue Swimmers, Airborne Deployment, Lifeguard, Water Survival, Operators of Personal Watercraft, Advance Medical, and HAZMAT Training.

ACT TMRT can also provide medical coverage for hazardous devices, (bomb) operations, rooftop deployment, severe weather conditions, and other natural disasters. Their ability to integrate and network with many other agencies enhances the Team's ability to get the job done.

ACT TMRT are a motivated, disciplined, and highly fit group of diverse go-getters. Any place, any time, in any conditions; the ACT TMRT is ready to employ their life-saving skills to make the difference between life and death


Paramedics are national training. Paramedics are board certified as Tactical Paramedics (TP-C) and Wilderness Paramedic (WP-C) by the IBSC. 

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